Amplify the performance of your data science work through great strategy, reliable engineering and powerful culture!

Is your business sitting on unrealized human potential that is being stopped by elusive inefficiencies in process and culture?

Our clients hire us to build organizational capacity to understand and take advantage of data, ML and AI. We solve new problems, ship fast and reliable code, program complex systems, consult on data strategy, data processing, hiring. We help organizations use data and automation to drive intelligent decisions and grow revenue.

We are a team of data science, data engineering and automation consultants with years of experience in delivering solutions in Python.


Revenue modeling
Decision simulation engine
Crowdsourced route visualization
Assembly line automation
Model 3 assembly programming
Behavior pattern discovery
Energy consumption forecasts
Safety equipment programming
Data strategy
(NLP for compliance)
Systems engineering
Serving predictions via API
Client onboarding automation

We've learned a lot over the years.

And we have a lot to share to save you precious time.

Whatever we sign up for, we always give our best and go the extra mile. That attitude led us to accumulate countless valuable experiences and taught us what really works and matters in the long term.

We focus on lasting results, and that is only possible with a wholesome and integrated approach to every challenge. Get in touch to discuss tailor made trainings for your team!

With experience cutting across the domains of data solutions design, software engineering and industrial automation, as well as a sensitivity for the human aspects of delivering great work, we are well equipped to help you make the leap to your next level of development.

We teach best practices for data driven problem solving, proven and successful engineering tools, and the right mindset to get you where you want to be, as fast as possible. Work with us to solve problems holding you back, and develop new a level of skill and power for the challenges to come.

Our Team

Michal Mucha

Lead Data Scientist

Michal's experience includes designing and implementing robust data science and data engineering solutions.

Example projects include decision simulation apps (emnos), interactive visualizations, analytical frameworks, NLP systems (BNP Paribas), optimized data structures, and more.

Prior to consulting work, he worked on R&D projects in smart energy and telecommunications (Orange) and published academic work on projects including systematic behavior representation (NetMob @ MIT).

Pawel Samselski

Lead Automation & Control Systems Engineer

Pawel specializes in automated manufacturing systems, including designing, developing, testing and training to ensure highest levels of performance, reliability and safety. Past engagements include projects for Audi, Porsche, GM, Volkswagen, Volvo, Tesla, Apple, and others.

Michal Mazurek

Lead Python Engineer

Michal brings over a decade of experience in building and deploying reliablie systems, web applications and custom software solutions. He leads teams of engineers to successfully deliver clean, testable and highly maintainable code.

His contributions and projects include engineering data pipelines (emnos), network monitoring for complex systems (Liberty Global), and designing microservices and APIs (Lendable, Zettafox).

Michal's core expertise lies in software development, continuous integration, and DevOps. He specializes in making teams more effective through process design.

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Contact us to discuss tailored training, workshop or tutorial programs to:

  • develop a data strategy for your organization,
  • discover applications of state of the art solutions in your business,
  • alleviate uncertainty and cut through hype by clearly defining your goals and projects,
  • introduce new skills to your data science or machine learning team,
  • elevate team collaboration by learning about common pitfalls and how to avoid them,
  • identify data-related roles and responsibilities to fix organizational bottlenecks,
  • review cross-team collaboration and communication procedures to remove stress and greatly improve efficiency,
  • and more!
We love focused, thoughtful work, moving quickly, and goal-oriented effort. Our programs are built with passion for effective planning, communication and delivery, and are a very valuable investment that will put your team on a new growth trajectory!

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Continuous improvement program (3-6 months)

Our knowledge sharing approach designed to foster maximum skills retention, positive attitude and team culture, momentum and accountability.

Learning is an active process that occurs over time - we have crafted delivery methods that build up your team to new levels of performance, while contributing to harmony at work and high satisfaction.

Contact us to learn more and plan a program that will instill amazing new skills and highly effective ways of working in your team - in a lasting way.

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